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Access and understand all your data

HP's next-generation information platform, IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer), enables you to extract meaning and act on virtually all forms of information—including audio, video, images, social media, email, and web content, as well as structured data such as customer transaction logs. IDOL serves as a scalable, secure platform for forming a conceptual and contextual understanding of all content. Offering far more than simple retrieval, IDOL enables you to access and use all critical information for maximum benefit through more than 500 advanced functions.

Legacy data warehouses and business analytics systems analyze business data from ERP, CRM, or SCM systems. These traditional business intelligence systems answer the “what happened?” question. With IDOL, you can discover relationships between key data to reveal a depth of insight that helps you to answer the “why did this happen?” question automatically and proactively.

Product Features

Access all data sources and file types: Understand data in more than 1,000 file types, including rich media, and connect to over 400 content repositories.

Language independence: Leverage pattern-matching technology that is fundamentally language independent.

Full system compatibility: Benefit from a cross-platform solution that supports all major operating systems.

Designed for enterprise scale: Deliver linear scalability through IDOL’s advanced distribution model.

Proven security: Our mapped security model is the only index security model empirically proven to scale in the enterprise.