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e-Enforcement™ Solutions
The e-Enforcement™ solutions were developed with the needs of local enforcement councils in mind. Through the use of the Group’s proprietary modules and technology, the e-Enforcement™ solutions are able to streamline most of the enforcement operations of a local council, be it with regards to the issuance of parking summons, enforcement of bylaws and even the monitoring of business licences. The e-Enforcement™ solutions also have the added functionality of linking directly to external database ie. transport database containing particulars of all motor vehicles. Through this, up-to-date information regarding all motor vehicles and their owners can be obtained to assist in a council’s enforcement operations.

A snapshot of the e- Enforcement™ solutions is highlighted as follows:

In addition, the e-Enforcement™ solutions allow local councils to improve and make their operations efficient in the following areas:

1. On-Street Parking Enforcement & Compound Management System
2. Computerised Parking Coupon Selling & Management System
3. Mobile Handheld Enforcement System
4. Mobile Handheld Over-Parking Notice System
5. Mobile Handheld Collection System