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FlexDock Modular Docking System


The Intermec FlexDock Modular Docking System brings a whole new ease to mobile-computer docking and charging. Bases provide multiple options for data communications and / or charging, and a common interface between cups and bays allows flexibility within a single dock base. You can tailor the dock to meet specific needs, such as: supporting a single type of mobile computer or battery, a mix of mobile computer types, or even a combination of mobile computers and battery packs, all within the same dock.

  • Modular and extensible design: Field-replaceable cups allow for field configuration or reconfiguration of the FlexDock base to match changing needs.
  • Future-proof design protects investments in docking-system: Computer-technology refreshes only require exchange of computer and battery cups; existing docking-system infrastructure can be reused with new computer generations.
  • Designed for large-scale deployments: Small footprint allows for high density docking solutions, leveraging standard 19-inch IT racking solutions.
  • 100Base-T Ethernet daisy-chaining capability: Reduces installation costs while simplifying Ethernet infrastructures.

Docking Made Simple

The Intermec FlexDock is a uniquely scalable, modular docking system for Intermec products, giving you the flexibility to design the docking system that best suits your needs today, as well as in the future. FlexDock is designed to work with numerous Intermec devices, such as the CK70, CK71, CN3, CN3e, CN4, CN4e, CN70, CN70e, CK3, CN50 and CS40 mobile computers.

The Dual or Quad Base supports optional 100Base-T Ethernet connectivity, enabling high-speed data communications over your network infrastructure. "Daisy chaining" capability allows up to 10 Bases (and up to 40 mobile computers) to share a single host network port, significantly reducing cabling requirements.

The Quad Base, designed for large scale deployments, can be configured to hold either a maximum of 4 mobile computers or 4 battery charging stations, allowing for charging of up to 8 battery packs simultaneously.

The Desktop Base, designed for use in home or small-office environments, accommodates one mobile computer and one auxiliary battery charger (supporting up to two battery packs), and provides USB Host and USB Client data connectivity. You may choose to connect the mobile computer to a host PC via Microsoft ActiveSync, or use optional adapter modules that plug directly into the Desktop Base to provide 100Base-T Ethernet or Analog Modem communications. In addition, the USB Host port may be used to connect supported peripherals, such as an external keyboard, to facilitate data input.

No longer must you comply with rigid docking requirements, or the purchase of different peripherals to perform different tasks. As needs change, FlexDock can be easily modified in its cup configuration to accommodate new requirements.

Space and Installation Cost Savings

In addition to its ground-breaking modular design, FlexDock also improves utilization of valuable back-room storage space. An available Rack Mounting System allows FlexDock bases to be mounted in standard 19-inch IT equipment racks, enabling convenient vertical stacking of docks within a significantly smaller footprint. Racks may be mounted horizontally, or angled 15 degrees up or down to improve visibility and accessibility of mobile computers while docked. A power-supply and cable-management shelf provides a convenient means of keeping cables under control and out of the way.

Future-Proof Design

When it's time to upgrade mobile computers, FlexDock provides an extremely cost-effective means of preserving the customer's infrastructure investment. Cups for the new mobile computers and battery packs can easily be snapped into existing bases. No more "rip and replace" or costly installation and rewiring necessary - just snap and go.

The FlexDock design is also forward-looking: As new Intermec mobile computers, printers, handheld scanners, and other devices are introduced, FlexDock cups will also be developed, providing customers with even more convenience in storing, charging, and communicating to their mobile devices.

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